As an expert DR. JERRY SIMON  is frequently interviewed by national television networks on a variety of dental topics including his work with TMJ – Headache Treatment.  He also offers dental tips. Watch below:

• Dental School: New York University, New York, NY
• Residency: Mt Zion Hospital, San Francisco, CA
• Over 3,000 hours of continuing education

• Fellowship, The Academy of General Dentistry
• Fellowship, International Congress of Oral Implantology
• Fellowship, MISCH Institute
• Member, American Academy of Craniofacial Pain
• Member, American Academy of Oral Facial Pain
• Member, American Headache Society
• Inventor, Best-Bite Discluder
• Founder Dental Care of Stamford
• Founder, SOSG (Occlusion Study Group)
• President, Connecticut Implant Dentistry
• Raised $600,000 for Smiles For Life & St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital

• Author of the book, Stop Headaches Now
• Journal of the Academy of General Dentistry, “Biomechanically Induced Dental Disease”
• Journal of the American Academy of Cranio Facial Pain, “Diagnosing Closed Locks”
• Dental Equipment and Materials, Quarterly Column “Occlusion Tools / Techniques”
• Pankey Gram, Journal of the Pankey Institute “Evidence Based Dentistry”
• Dentistry Today, Frequent Contributor
• Spectrum, “Role of Muscles in the Acute Pain Patient”
• Dentistry Today, “View Point”
• Dental Products Report, “Precision Biomechanics Made Easy”
• Dental Equipment and Materials, “A New Method For CR Records”
• Profitable Dentist, “Diagnosing and Treating Occlusal Problems”
• Dental Products Report, “TMJ Treatment Methodologies”
• Dental Town, “Diagnosing The Emergency Patient”
• Contemporary Aesthetics, “Identifying Bite Problem to Help Cosmetic Issues”
• Profitable Dentist, “Complete Dentistry Often Requires One Step At A Time”
• Profitable Dentist, “Diagnosing and Treating Occlusal Problems”
• Richards Report, “ABCDs of Bite Treatment”
• Dental Products Report, “Best-Bite Technique”
• Dental Economics, “Marketing Bite Treatment”
• Dental Town, “Growing Your Practice By Including Occlusal Therapy”
• AP Distributed Article, “Headaches May be Tied To Dental Problems”
• AP Distributed Article, “Dentist Takes a Bite Out of Pain”
• Entertainment Weekly, “Taking the Bite Out Of Headaches”
• Dentistry Review, “Can a Small Plastic Device Eliminate Migraine Headaches?”
• Radiance Magazine, “Not Now Honey I Have a Headache”

Restorative and Cosmetic Dentistry…Form and Function

• Big Apple Dental Meeting
• New Jersey Dental Group
• daVinci Dental Studios
• United Dental Group
• Greater New York Dental Meeting
• Big Apple Dental Meeting
• Yankee Dental Meeting
• Case Western Reserve University
• Toronto Dental Association Annual Meeting
• Carlton Dental Studio
• Light Force Orthodontics
• Profitable Dentist
• Mid Contentment Orthodontics
• Jackson Fairmont Dental Laboratory
• Dental Prosthetic Services
• Harrison Dental Studio
• Becker Parkin

Functional Aesthetics For Orthodontic Cases

• Light Force Orthodontics
• Mid Continent Orthodontics

Everyday Occlusion Fundamentals

• Academy of General Dentistry Annual Meeting
• Professional Dental Laboratory
• Academy of Craniofacial Pain
• Barnes Group
• Dental Seminar Group
• Dental Arts Laboratory

Bite, Muscles & Headaches…Connecting the Dots

• Greater New York Dental Meeting
• American Academy of Orofacial Pain, Poster Presentation

Diagnosing Acute Pain

• American Academy of Craniofacial Pain

Diagnosing the Complex Pain Patient

• Pankey Institute Alumni Study Club

Muscle Deprogramming

• American Academy of Craniofacial Pain, Poster / Table Clinic

Bite Records and Case Mounting

• American Equilibration Society, Poster & Table Clinic
• Orognathic Bioesthetics Institute, Table Clinic

The Bite and Headaches

• American Headache Society, Poster Presentation
• International Headache Society, Poster Presentation

Growing Your Practice By Improving Your Quality of Care

• Profitable Dentist Annual Meeting

• NBC News – Dental Consultant, New Dental Products
• ABC News – Dental Consultant, Oral Cancer
• Fox News – Dental Consultant, Headaches
• Good Day New York – Dental Consultant, Headaches
• TechTV News – Dental Consultant, Oral Cancer
• Channel 12, Connecticut News – New Options for Cosmetic Care, Conscious Sedation
• WFUV, New York National Public Radio Affiliate – Dental Consultant
• WKTSA Radio Texas – Dental Consultant
• Crown Council Audio Cassette Series, “Mentor of the Month”
• Excellence in Dentistry Audio Interview – “Diagnosing the Complex Pain Patient”