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Sebo Marketing November 12th, 2021

Gum Disease isn’t Curable, but it is Preventable

September is National Gum Care Awareness Month:

But taking care of your gums is all year around! And we are here to help you do that. Having healthy gums is so important to your overall health. It is not “just gums.” Any continuous inflammation in your gums spreads throughout the body. MEDICAL STUDIES are proving that if you have periodontal disease, you have a higher risk for:
  • Severe Complications to the symptoms in result of COVID-19
  • Heart Attacks and Strokes
  • Difficulty with Conception, Pre-Term Babies and Miscarriages
  • Diabetic Complications, Pancreatic Cancer and Prostatitis
  • And more!
Our focus is on your total health, not just your dental health. With periodontal disease, our goal is to prevent it with regular cleanings and effective at-home-care. Early diagnosis and treatment is the key to controlling periodontal disease.

But First, Let’s Talk about What is Periodontal Disease? (Gum Disease)

Periodontal disease is inflammation of the gums and destruction of the bone holding the teeth. When the body reacts to fight the bacteria in the plaque, the body’s defensive “inflammatory response” chemicals cause the destruction of the gum and bone.

And Why Understanding the Levels of Periodontal Disease is Important:

We categorize gum disease from 0 to 4 (healthy to advanced) based on the amount of inflammation and damage to the bone that holds the teeth. Signs of gum disease may include:
  • Red and bleeding gums
  • Mouth odor
  • Gum recession
  • Loss of jaw bone structure
  • And, in advanced cases, loss of teeth.
Pain is rarely present, so like high blood pressure, you may have periodontal disease and not even know it. It is very difficult for people to diagnose by themselves. See the image below with examples of the different stages of the disease:

SO, With Preventing and Managing Gum Disease EARLY DETECTION IS KEY!

Nobody wants to reach stages 2-4, but for some people they are more susceptible than others. Susceptibility to gum disease varies from person to person and from time to time. For some, it may be heredity. It also could be someone’s lifestyle (Stress, diet, medical conditions). There are many factors as to why someone gets gum disease.
SO by going to the dentist regularly, we can make sure we catch any signs of the disease EARLY before it gets worse! If you do have gum disease, we have several treatment solutions for managing it.

Gum disease is not curable, but it is manageable and preventable.

So make an appointment to see the doctor. No matter what stage you are at we will help you! We are a no judgment zone. We just want you to get the best care possible so you stay healthy and have a happy life!


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