Head, Neck & Facial Pain

The Relationship Between Muscle Pain & Bite Imbalance

Head, neck and facial pain are so common that most people accept the pain is an inevitable part of life and not really curable. In fact, studies show that over 80% of people get headaches and as many as 60 – 70% of people get severe headaches like migraines.

Most headache specialists agree that muscles are the trigger for most headaches. Unfortunately, the only solution presented to most patients are drugs that temporarily mask the pain and often have undesirable side effects.

Most chiropractors and physical therapists also agree that muscles are the trigger. But while their treatments might help for a little while, the pain returns because the trigger for the muscle hyperactivity is an uneven bite.

Key Fact: Most studies show that over 68% of ALL head, neck or facial pain is due to muscles and most muscle pain is due to bite imbalance.

If you have any head, neck or facial pain that won’t go away then taking the time to get your bite checked by Dr. Simon could make a world of difference. If an uneven bite is proven to be the source of your pain then he can help properly balance your bite.