Treatment Options That Balance Your Bite

Solutions for Relieving the Pain

There are three problems that one might have – Dental damage, joint damage, and head, neck, and facial pain. Once we have identified and diagnosed the problem you have we can check to see if your bite is the underlying source. If your bite is connected then there are several different options that can help including:

Each of these solutions is discussed in more detail below.
The best treatment for you depends on your own individual situation, but the desired result is ALWAYS the same – Balance your bite.
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Bite Adjustment

Making Your Teeth and Jaw Fit in Harmony

Before Reshaping

The teeth don’t fit together right. The red marks indicate where they hit off-center.

After Reshaping

The teeth now fit together properly and hit center so that your bite is balanced.

After Reshaping

Clenching and grinding are eliminated or dramatically reduced due to a balanced bite.

Bite adjustment won’t weaken the teeth, make them more susceptible to decay or more sensitive. In fact, since reshaping balances the biting pressures the teeth are actually less sensitive and there is less likelihood of recession, loosening or breaking.

Once bite adjustment is done, the teeth are balanced so you have equal pressures on all the teeth resulting in the elimination or dramatic reduction of:

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Bite adjustment is a painless process where we reshape the biting surfaces of your teeth so that they fit together properly. The reshaping is done in the back where it’s not visible – It won’t change the appearance of your teeth or smile. What it does do however, is actually change your bite so that your teeth and jaws fit in harmony all the time.

Imagine that your upper and lower teeth are like two pieces of a puzzle that don’t fit together. No matter how you turn the orange puzzle piece, it simply isn’t going to fit into the puzzle correctly. You need to re-shape it to make it fit. Bite adjustment (also known as equilibriation) is the process of re-shaping teeth to fit together. When reshaping is completed you have a piece that fits into the puzzle correctly.

Orthodontic Treatment

Braces Can Correct Your Bite to Relieve the Pain

The goal of bite treatment is always the same, regardless of what treatment option is selected – The elimination of the conflict between the teeth and jaw joints so there is no wobble in the bite.

If your bite is off by too much we won’t be able to reshape the teeth enough to correct the misalignment. In such a situation the teeth need to be moved through orthodontic treatment (braces). Braces move the teeth into the correct position to balance the bite and have the added benefit of giving you a beautiful, straight smile.


Even after orthodontic treatment, some bite adjustment might be needed to get the teeth to fit just right based on the shapes of your teeth and jaw joints.


At Dental Care of Stamford we have orthodontic specialists on staff to help you if orthodontic treatment is needed to correct your bite problems.

Before Treatment

This woman came to us with pain. You can see that her front teeth are very far away from her bottom teeth. There’s no way that the teeth can touch properly unless they’re moved into right position using braces.

After Treatment

And here she is again after orthodontic treatment. You can see that her teeth have been moved so that they touch properly, correcting her bite and relieving her pain as well.

A Bite Guard

A Device to Temporarily Balance Your Bite

A bite guard or bite splint is a removable device that you wear on your teeth to help balance your bite. This is kind of like if you have a wobbly table in a restaurant and the waiter puts a match book under the legs of the table to temporarily balance it. If the matchbook is moved, the table will wobble again.


Like the matchbook, a bite guard doesn’t cure the problem – It’s a temporary solution. When the bite guard is in your bite is balanced, but when you take the guard out you’re back where you started. It’s a good option for people who aren’t quite ready for the long-term solutions we’ll discuss a bit later.


The process involves first taking molds of your teeth. Using those molds we custom make the bite guard in our dental laboratory. Then, over several visits the bite guard is adjusted precisely to get an exact fit for you. An exact fit is extremely important! Anything you buy over the counter or even made by a dentist that doesn’t fit you exactly right will NOT help and might actually make things worse.

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What Our Patients Say

I’ve been a patient of Dental Care of Stamford for 8 years, not only myself, but my wife as well and our four children. All I can say is that we are very big fans of Dr. Simon and Dr. Eva and the whole team here. I just completed a program of TMJ treatment. I must say that Dr. Simon’s excellent treatment and the professional care was tremendous and I’m very happy with my new bite. I’m very happy to recommend to anybody who is looking for a good dentist for adults or for children in the area and especially for help with their bite. Dr. Simon and his team are extraordinary.


I had Invisalign for about a year which straightened out my teeth but I was still having issues with jaw pain and I was getting a lot of headaches and migraines. So Dr.Simon and I talked about reshaping my bite. My mouth was crooked inside, you couldn’t see it, but I was only biting down on the right side. Dr. Simon and I went over the whole plan. We went forward and immediately my mouth started to feel better. I was clenching my teeth less. I don’t seem to be grinding my teeth now. My teeth meet on both sides at the same time and really my headaches seem to have gone away.


I’ve been suffering with head, face and neck pain and chronic migraines for the past three years – Every single day. It’s affected every aspect of my life. My marriage, my kids, just about everything. I’ve seen every top doctor you can possible think of and I’ve been on tons and tons of medication. I really started to give up hope. I found Dr.Simon’s website and I started reading it and I noticed that’s how I feel. So I made an appointment and met with Dr. Simon. At first I wasn’t hopeful because the other million things I had tried didn’t help at all, but I decided why not, just give it shot. So I did. It took about two months of treatment. Each month I noticed a decrease in my migraines and facial pain. In September I had my usual 16 – 18 migraines per month and my last one was October 14, 2015! It’s now been exactly one year, five months and two days that I have been migraine free. It’s amazing! I never would have believed it would work… and it did.


I had a really bad TMJ problem where I was clenching a lot and feeling a lot of pain in my upper mouth. Dr. Simon has this fabulous treatment where he was able to help me fix my bite and I’ve been feeling great ever since.