What Our Patients Say

Most of our patients come to us with a long and frustrating history of pain. They also have an equally, if not longer list of doctors and treatments that have not been successful. The reason that Dr Simon’s treatment is almost always successful (You can’t say always in medicine.) is that his patented, FDA accepted Best-Bite Discluder gives the correct diagnosis and his many years of experience allows him to provide the correct treatment.

Please listen to actual patients tell their stories – They are a few among the many hundreds of people that Dr. Simon has helped over the years. You may even hear a story that sounds remarkably like your own personal history in here.

Then come in for a consultation and diagnosis of your pain, and to learn about your treatment options.  Once we go through your history and examination you’ll know if Dr. Simon can help or not.  And if we aren’t sure we can help, we will not offer treatment, so there’s no risk to you.

For more information about Dental Care of Stamford or how we can help you with your head, neck, facial pain or jaw problems please call us today at 203-883-4433 or request a consultation. The only thing you have to lose is your pain.

Do you Suffer from Head, Neck, or Facial Pain?