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Want Straight Teeth in just 6 Months: Read!

Sebo Marketing November 12th, 2021

“You never get a second chance to make a great first impression.” Did you know? 48% of people believe that a smile is the most memorable feature after first meeting someone? With 6 Month Smile, you won’t need a second chance because your first one will make a lasting impression! 6 Month Smile is Orthodontics…

Would You Benefit From Cosmetic Dental Procedures?

Sebo Marketing October 15th, 2021

  We all have an image we want to project… clothing, hair style, exercise, make up, the car we drive, etc. If your smile does not project the crisp, clean, professional, youthful or vigorous image you want, we can perfect your smile with gentle cosmetic dental care. Here’s a simple test you can do to…

Periodontal Cosmetic Procedures to Enhance Your Smile

Sebo Marketing October 15th, 2021

  Start smiling! If you’re not happy with your smile, there are cosmetic, periodontal and dental procedures available now that could help you achieve the look and smile you want. Do you have a “gummy smile”? Are your teeth too long? Periodontists today can help you reshape your gumline to expose your ideal smile. In…

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Cosmetic Smile Design: How To Have A Great Smile

Sebo Marketing October 18th, 2021

  Studies have consistently shown that when asked what feature is most significant in determining whether a person is considered to be attractive the face is listed first. And when asked what facial feature is most important, it is their smile that comes to the top of the list, with the nose coming in a…

How You Can Improve Your Smile

Sebo Marketing October 18th, 2021

  People who want to improve their smile usually want teeth that are whiter, straighter, and don’t have dark or discolored fillings that show when they smile. There are several options, depending on your objectives. Some options are simple and relatively less expensive, and some are more complicated and have a higher fee. However, modern…