Dental Damage

When teeth don’t fit together evenly it leads to clenching , grinding pain & damage

When teeth don’t fit evenly together, it’s sort of like having one shoe on and one shoe off. Just like you would have to walk off balance, your jaw wobbles back and forth.

Unconsciously, this constant jaw shifting annoys most people enough that they start to clench or grind their teeth to try to make them fit. The result of clenching and grinding is that the teeth will start to wear down, break, get loose, feel sore or even start to move and become crooked.

Over 90% of teeth clenching and grinding is due to an uneven bite.

Dental damage is often an indicator that your bite is uneven. So correcting your bite is crucial to preventing additional pain and damage. Please click here to learn about treatment options or call us today at (203) 883-4433.