The Source of Your Pain May Be An Uneven Bite

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If you suffer from TMJ, headaches, neck or facial pain the source of your pain may be an uneven bite – That is, your upper and lower teeth don’t fit together quite right. This creates a conflict between your teeth and jaw joints that leads to teeth clenching and grinding and ultimately pain and damage.

Dr. Jerry Simon, author of  Stop Headaches Now has been successfully treating these disorders for over 30 years. His patients come from all over the country to his practice, Dental Care of Stamford, to get help and find relief from the pain.

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Telltale Signs of An Uneven Bite

Frequent Head, Neck Or Facial Pain

From “stress” headaches to severe migraines the trigger for the pain is most often muscle cramps which in turn is frequently because of  tooth clenching and/or grinding. Since your jaw muscles wrap around your entire head (from under your chin to the top and back of your head) overworked muscles can cramp, hurt and trigger secondary migraines.

Damaged, Sore Or Crooked Teeth

Worn, broken, cracked teeth, sore, crooked teeth, and even gum recession can often be traced back to clenching and grinding of the teeth. 90% of clenching and tooth grinding is due to having an uneven bite. However, most people aren’t even aware that they do clench and grind their teeth and because the damage happens over time it can be extremely hard to notice.

Jaw Noises & Difficulty Opening Mouth

Teeth clenching or grinding will damage the jaw joint over time. If your jaw makes sounds like clicks, pops, grinding noises, opens crooked or is hard to open, you have damage in the joint. While you can’t fix it, you can prevent it from getting worse and leading to more serious problems including severe pain and even changes in your facial appearance.

Relieving the Pain & Managing the Problem

The first step is to identify the problem. Next, we determine if the bite is connected to the problem. If it is, the solution is to eliminate the conflict between the teeth and jaw joints so there is no wobble in your bite. There are three options that can help achieve this – A bite guard, bite adjustment or orthodontic treatment.

Is Your Bite Uneven?

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