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Sebo Marketing October 18th, 2021

Non-Invasive Testing for Oral Cancer


Oral cancer kills more Americans than ovarian and prostate cancer COMBINED but there has been very little publicity about this deadly disease. Recently People® Magazine revealed that Grant Achatz, a chef at Alinea restaurant in Chicago, has cancer of the tongue. Colleen Zenk Pinter from “As the World Turns”, recently discussed her fight with oral cancer with Hannah Stormon at CBS News {Click here to see the Video Clip from CBS}

The cure rate for oral cancer has not improved much because unlike the PAP test or mammogram, there was no simple test. By the time oral cancer can be seen or felt, it is often advanced. Now a Vizilite® exam can detect lesions much sooner. A special light causes otherwise invisible lesions below the surface to glow white. It just takes minutes in our office.

The American Cancer Society recommends a cancer screening once a year so everyone should take advantage of this simple, non-invasive test. High risk patients include those who smoke, use chewing tobacco, drink alcohol or have a personal or family history of cancer. However, studies show that 25% of oral cancer occurs in patients who are not in the high risk category.


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