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Cavities & Filllings How To
Sebo Marketing October 18th, 2021

How To Eliminate Dark Fillings

First, the fillings are made of approximately 50% mercury, which we know is a hazardous material.

Click here to see a directive from the American Dental Association Council on Scientific Affairs telling dentists that they must treat these materials as a hazardous waste.

Second, the metal fillings expand and contract at a different rate than the tooth, resulting in cracks opening between the tooth and the filling. These openings let bacteria get in and start decaying.

Third, the silver amalgam fillings expand over time, like ice cubes in a tray. As a result, dentists often see teeth break with no apparent cause.

And fourth, these fillings are ugly and unnatural looking. If you have unattractive silver amalgam fillings, you can replace them with natural looking laser-bonded fillings and onlays.

>>Click here to see alternatives for dark ugly silver mercury fillings and then return here to continue.

In addition, we find that many of these old fillings have a lot of decay under them.

>>Click here to see why you need a careful video-enhanced examination to discover hidden decay under old silver mercury fillings, and then return here to continue.

Now that dentists understand the problems associated with silver mercury amalgam fillings, and there are excellent alternatives, there is no reason why anyone should have those old-fashioned, ugly fillings in their teeth anymore.

Please note that we cannot guarantee that the solutions offered here are definitely applicable to your condition since we have not examined your mouth. However, if you know the solutions that are generally applied to dental problems, you will be  much better informed  and will likely make better decisions in your own dental health care.


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