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Sebo Marketing October 15th, 2021

How To Ensure a Happy Dental Future


For most people, keeping their teeth, having a nice smile and avoiding pain and infection would be a happy dental future. Looking good, feeling good and being able to chew and enjoy your food are certainly worthy goals. Our objective is to get your started in that direction today.

Regular dental maintenance is a life long need. Early detection and preventive oriented care is the key to a happy dental future. Pain often occurs only at the last stage of a problem, when the damage is severe. The time to take preventive action is when the problem is small, before it hurts.

1. Regular Cleaning

A professional cleaning gets to the spots you miss.

2. Pre-Scheduled Maintenance Visits

Assures that your get the care you need, when you need it. We understand you are busy and when nothing hurts or is broken, it is easy to postpone the regular preventive maintenance visits that keep it that way. Pre-scheduling your visits gets your appointment on your calendar and ours to keep you on track towards your happy dental future.

3. Appropriate Intervals Between Maintenance Visits

Everyone is different. Some of us need more sleep than others. some people can eat all they want and not gain a pound, and others seem to gain weight by simply looking at food. In the same way, people with lowered resistance or who aren’t the best brushers and flossers need more frequent maintenance visits. that is why we customize your recall interval from every two months to every nine months based on your dental conditions.

4. Regular Dental Examinations

If untreated, small cavities grow to need root canals. Minor gum inflammation can become a major gum infection requiring gum surgery. Periodontal probing and taking the temperature of your gums tooth by tooth can detect gum problems before they become serious.

Oral cancer is more common than ever. A bite problem can do a lot of damage. But if you can catch these problems while they are small, only minor treatment is needed.

5. Dental X-rays

Some problems don’ t show up no matter how hard you look. Cavities in between the teeth or bone loss under the gum line are two important reasons to have regular dental x-rays. At Dental Care of Stamford, we use the lowest amount of radiation we can to protect your dental health.

6. Mid Course Corrections

If your plan gets off target, the quicker you re-adjust and re-focus, the less problems you’ll run into. Our hygiene team will review your goals and your situation each visit. The no guilt hygiene maintenance visits are your key to a happy dental future.


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