Listen to real patients tell their story
on how treatment has change their lives. 

Our Patients Say it Best!

Hear our patients tell their real story. Most of our patients come to us with a long and frustrating history of pain. They also have an equally, if not longer list of doctors and treatments that have not been successful. The reason that Dr Simon’s treatment is almost always successful (You can’t say always in medicine.) is that his patented, FDA accepted Best-Bite Discluder gives the correct diagnosis and his many years of experience allows him to provide the correct treatment.

I’ve been a patient of Dental Care of Stamford for 8 years, not only myself, but my wife as well and our four children. All I can say is that we are very big fans of Dr. Simon and Dr. Eva and the whole team here. I just completed a program of TMJ treatment. I must say that Dr. Simon’s excellent treatment and the professional care was tremendous and I’m very happy with my new bite. I’m very happy to recommend to anybody who is looking for a good dentist for adults or for children in the area and especially for help with their bite. Dr. Simon and his team are extraordinary.


I had Invisalign for about a year which straightened out my teeth but I was still having issues with jaw pain and I was getting a lot of headaches and migraines. So Dr.Simon and I talked about reshaping my bite. My mouth was crooked inside, you couldn’t see it, but I was only biting down on the right side. Dr. Simon and I went over the whole plan. We went forward and immediately my mouth started to feel better. I was clenching my teeth less. I don’t seem to be grinding my teeth now. My teeth meet on both sides at the same time and really my headaches seem to have gone away.


I’ve been suffering with head, face and neck pain and chronic migraines for the past three years – Every single day. It’s affected every aspect of my life. My marriage, my kids, just about everything. I’ve seen every top doctor you can possible think of and I’ve been on tons and tons of medication. I really started to give up hope. I found Dr.Simon’s website and I started reading it and I noticed that’s how I feel. So I made an appointment and met with Dr. Simon. At first I wasn’t hopeful because the other million things I had tried didn’t help at all, but I decided why not, just give it shot. So I did. It took about two months of treatment. Each month I noticed a decrease in my migraines and facial pain. In September I had my usual 16 – 18 migraines per month and my last one was October 14, 2015! It’s now been exactly one year, five months and two days that I have been migraine free. It’s amazing! I never would have believed it would work… and it did.


I had a really bad TMJ problem where I was clenching a lot and feeling a lot of pain in my upper mouth. Dr. Simon has this fabulous treatment where he was able to help me fix my bite and I’ve been feeling great ever since.