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Adolescent Dentistry

Specialties: Providing an easy transition between little kids and adults.

Dentist for Tweens & Teens

Help patients develop the ability to make healthy dental choices

Prepare patients for a healthy dental future


Dental Care Teens | Dentist for Teens  (D.D.S)

Dr. Johnny Groeling grew up in Ronkonkoma, New York, the oldest of 4 children. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in biology at Queens College where he also did research on the effects of Dengue virus infection. His research was presented at national and international conferences during this time. Dr. Groeling continued his academic career at NYU College of Dentistry where he researched the effects of fluoride on enamel cells while earning his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree. His research at NYU College of Dentistry was recently published in the academic journal, Science Signaling.

Dr. Groeling is passionate about providing quality dental care to his patients. He believes that healthy and esthetically pleasing teeth are vital to overall health. Dr. Groeling realizes that dental anxiety is oftentimes a barrier to dental care. He aims to provide a welcoming environment where even the most nervous patients will feel at ease.

In his free time, he enjoys playing the ukulele, kayaking and cooking for his girlfriend and his dog, Rufio.

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